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Warsaw Poland

Warsaw airport

There are two Warsaw airports:
  1. Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie – Warsaw Chopin International Airport:
  2. It’s often called the Okęcie Airport (Lotnisko Okęcie), despite the official name change in 2001. The Chopin Warsaw airport code is WAW. It’s situated about 8 kilometers from the city center and takes 25 – 40 minutes to get from the airport to the Central Warsaw train station (Dworzec Centralny Warszawa).

    • Warsaw airport train service
    • A new high-speed rail service is available from the Chopin International airport directly to Warsaw, which takes 25 minutes. The airport train station which is called “Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina”, offers two rail systems: SKM operating three lines to and from the main international airport (lines S2, S3C, S3S) and KM, Koleje Mazowieckie, to Modlin Mazovia Airport and the Central Train Station.

    • Warsaw international airport bus service:
    • ZTM is the Public Transport Authority that runs buses from the airport to main streets and hotels in central Warsaw. The ZTM daytime buses are 148, 175, 188 and 331; the night bus is N32, which goes from the airport to the train station (from 23:09 to 04:39). It’s easy to locate the bus terminal in front of Warsaw airport arrivals level.

    • Chopin Warsaw Airport taxi service:
    • There are three Warsaw airport taxi services, Ele Sky Taxi, Super Taxi and Sawa Taxi. Rates from the airport to the city center is about 40 złoty.

  3. Warsaw-Modlin Mazovia Airport:
  4. Modlin airport service began in 2012 strictly for budget airlines such as Ryanair and Wizz Air. The Modlin Mazovia Warsaw airport code is WMI. It’s situated near Nowy Dwor Mazowiceki, a town about 40 km from the city and almost 50 kilometers from the Chopin international airport. Take the high-speed rail, Koleje Mazowieckie, from the Modlin Airport’s nearby Modlin Station to Chopin airport and into Warsaw city. It takes about 40 minutes. There’s a bus from the Modlin Warsaw Airport to the Central Train Station which can be caught at the ZTM bus stop marked: Metro Młociny 54.

Warsaw train station – Dworzec Centralny Warszawa

The Central Warsaw train station is at Al Jerozolimskie 54 and is the main hub for domestic and international trains. On either sides of the Central Warsaw Train Station are: Warszawa Śródmieście WKD – a local light rail transit terminal and Warszawa Śródmieście PKP for express intercity service, plus the terminus for Koleje Mazowieckie with trains arriving from the Modlin airport. The stations can be distinguished by “Zachodnia” for the one to the west, “Centralna” for the main station and “Wschodnia” for the one to the east. The Warsaw train system is operated by several companies, so it can be confusing to know what ticket to buy. Here’s a clue: ZTM tickets are valid for trains to the Chopin Airport and for Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) trains. KM tickets are also good on SKM trains.

Weather Warsaw Poland

Warsaw weather is enjoyable from June to September with average highs of 18°C to 33°C and lows between 9°C and 13°C. June, July & August are the hottest months, but also the wettest. September can be a good month to visit Warsaw – there’s less rainfall and temperatures are mild up to18°C. In winter, February is the coldest month with an average temperature of -5°C (sometimes dipping down as low as -20°C). Warsaw doesn’t have subzero temperatures all winter, but the average days of snow and fog are high, especially from January to May. In January, February & March Warsaw weather consists of 14 –16 days of snow per month and 7 – 9 days of fog. From October to December up to 11 days per month are snowy and about 9 are foggy. December average temperatures are between 1°C and -2°C. Winter holidays in Warsaw can be delightful beside a fireplace with a glass of grzaniec (mulled wine) in hand.

Warsaw map

When opening a Warsaw city map note that the Vistula River (Wisla) divides the city down the middle. On the west is reconstructed Old Town Warsaw (Stare Miasto) including the medieval city walls (Miejskie Mury Obronne), Warsaw Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski), Barbican fortress between Old Town & New Town, as well as the Royal Route that leads to the 17th century Łazienki Palace on a lake and down to Wilanów Palace (Pałac w Wilanowie) with grounds used for concerts and festivals. But let’s back up. One of the highlights of Warsaw city is Łazienki Park where the Łazienki Palace is situated as well as a dozen other historic buildings and monuments including the glass Orangery – today, one of the finest restaurants in Warsaw. Discover gourmet Polish food and international fusion treats at Belvedere Restaurant Warsaw surrounded by tropical plants and twisted orange trees. In summer, there’s an outdoor garden where lunch and dinner is served, and Belvedere operates other cafés throughout the park area, all with delicacies prepared by an expert chef. Aside from Belvedere, there are lots of excellent restaurants in Warsaw; many are situated in…

Warsaw Old Town

Rynek Starego Miasta is the heart of Old Town Warsaw, actually the main market square, which would date from the 13th century were it not for having been destroyed during World War II (when 85% of Old Town was obliterated), and subsequently reconstructed brick by brick during a 5-year post war project. Sambawalker’s map of Warsaw marks one of the oldest places in the city, Fukier Restaurant (U Fukiera, which is the renowned Magda Gessler Restauracje Warszawa) that, although destroyed and rebuilt like all of Old Town, used bricks and pieces of the original 16th century building while being restored. Today, Fukier Restaurant is one of the most exclusive places to dine in Old Town Warsaw. It’s ideally situated in Rynek Starego Miasta with a summer terrace offering views of the quaint townhouses that surround the square.

There are funky curio shops, traditional and international restaurants, bars and open air cafés all along the picturesque streets that branch off the square. Old town merits exploring slowly, from Plac Zamkowy to Kolumna Zygmunta and the Gothic Bridge on Podwale, then onto Piwna Street for some beer with a view of St Martin Church. Meander over to the Mermaid statue, which is the official insignia of Warsaw, and then to the ancient city walls and the Barbican fortress. For sweet treats, go to Miodowa Street (literally “honey” street) with traditional Toruń-style pastries made of…yes, honey.

Warsaw nightlife like a local

Experience Warsaw nightlife like a local by leaving the old-world streets and ancient architecture of Rynek Główny and going to non-descript Wspólna Street to enter a world of artists, writers and conversationalist at Drink Bar. It’s not a club with DJs or neon lighting, but a small Warsaw bar with an arty décor and cozy corners. For less secluded, but equally funky nightlife in Warsaw, there’s Sheesha – a bar lounge with more than Arabic décor. In fact Sheesha bar has the real deal when it comes to an Arabian Nights experience, including hookah pipes, belly dancers and DJs spinning the latest Middle Eastern, Indian, Turkish and Greek sounds.

Underground Opera Club & National Opera Warsaw – Teatr Wielki

Rub shoulders with the beautiful people and “be seen” at one of the top clubs in Warsaw, but first, slip into something Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana and hope to be selected by the doorkeepers at the underground Warsaw Opera Club. It’s not “underground” in the metaphoric or alternative sense, but an elite nightclub situated in the subterranean chambers below the “real” opera. It’s a chic underground labyrinth with oriental-style alcoves and state-of-the-art sound & lighting, plus a trendy sushi bar for snacking.

National Opera Warsaw is right upstairs in Teatr Wielki, where Polish Opera director, Waldemar Dąbrowski, spreads a seasonal feast for the cultural senses that includes reproductions of masterpieces and debuts of contemporary operas such as those by Peter Eötvös and Leoš Janáček as well as diptych operas by Wojciech Blecharz and Jagoda Szmytka. Teatr Wielki also hosts the Polish National Ballet with recreations of classics such as A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Trendy nightlife Warsaw venues

  1. Platinium Club – chic ambiance
  2. Platinium Club, on Aleksandra Fredry, is a trendy clubbing venue in Warsaw city that’s impressive for two reasons: the fabulous old building where it’s situated offers a spacious environment with vaulted ceilings, and the ultra modern dance halls, lounges and VIP rooms have an eclectic décor. All-white sofas meet psychedelic lighting, contrasted by sculpted columns and antique chandeliers.

  3. Klubo Kawiarnia – midweek parties
  4. Klubo Kawiarnia, on Czackiego, is the original club Warsaw locals have loved for a very long time and continue to favor for midweek partying. It’s a mainstay of the Warsaw clubbing scene, now with Prince Witold and Divine Stykowski spinning on Tuesdays, a sizzling hot Ladies Night on Wednesdays, and Clubbing Thursdays from 11pm.

  5. Club 70 – time travel
  6. Time travel is possible at Club 70 on Waliców Street. Set in an underground vault with domed ceilings and funky lighting, it’s one of the few places in Warsaw where polyester is chic and Kool & The Gang and Boney M are still going strong. Theme nights are not just dedicated to Disco, but also to an Ibiza beer festival on Mondays, Latin Fever on Tuesdays, specials for the ladies plus R&B on Wednesdays, and Rock’n’roll Thursdays featuring music from the 50’s & 60’s. Fridays are dedicated to “time travel” with classic disco and boogie beats, and Saturday is, of course, Saturday Night Fever. Appropriate costumes are always welcome at Club 70.

  7. Mirage Club: a glowing state-of-the-art nightclub
  8. Warsaw nightlife isn’t complete unless Mirage Club is included. It’s the renowned hotspot situated in the Pałac Kultury i Nauki (The Palace of Culture and Science), on Plac Defilad – the massive edifice that dominates the Warsaw skyline (illuminated at night), in fact the tallest building in Poland. Inside, is the exclusive Warsaw Mirage Club designed by world-class nightclub engineers who incorporated luminescent flooring and a series of 150,000 electroluminescent diodes that give the club a glow and are reflected in 500 square meters of glass and two-million crystals in Italian chandeliers. It’s a clubbing venue, a restaurant, a lounge bar and a place for concerts, shows and some impressive DJs that spin “topless”.

Warsaw restaurants

Many top restaurants in Warsaw, at least the ones with old-fashioned “ambiance”, are in Old Town (with the exception of Belvedere Restaurant in Łazienki Park). Great places to indulge in authentic Polish cuisine are: Zapiecek, Pierrogeria and U Fukiera (already mentioned as one of the best restaurants in Rynek Starego Miasta), and Restauracja Przy Zamku for Polish and eastern European delicacies. Warsaw restaurants in Old Town that offer a pleasant atmosphere, Polish food and have summer terraces in the main square are: Portretowa, Bazyliszek, Literatka, Restauracja Rycerska (especially for Polish blinis) and Cafe Rynek with light fare and coffee in a romantic old-world atmosphere.

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