Lömbok Torremolinos Beach Club

Lömbok Natural Beach Bar is not a chiringuito, but it’s a lot more than a night club. It’s a restaurant, café, wine bar, comedy club, place to watch sportscasts, listen to top DJs, attend theme parties and a venue for private functions - all just 50 meters from Playamar Beach in Torremolinos. At night, Lömbok caters to a youthful crowd, specializing in house and alternative, with an area for 80’s & 90’s music. Lömbok has been created as a luxury for the senses, with an Asian-influenced ambiance, décor that’s chic yet comfy, an outdoor terrace open for cocktails, wines, and international cuisine, and a uniquely lit indoor space open til dawn. It’s not surprising that Lömbok has remained one of the top places to go in Torremolinos for three years running.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   dance club

name:   Lömbok
web:   www.wearelombok.com
GPS:   36.634083,-4.487121
address:   Paseo Maritimo Playamar 3, Torremolinos




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Lömbok Beach Bar

Lömbok – One of the Top Restaurants in Torremolinos

Despite there being no shortage of restaurants in Torremolinos, and the beachfront area of Playamar being no exception, Lömbok has forged a name for itself as one of the best places to have lunch or dinner, even before the DJs get started. It’s partly because of its appealing atmosphere with a blend of vibrant colors, teakwood and lighting effects that are visible even during the day, but also due to the excellence of the food. Lömbok Restaurant Torremolinos has a lunch and dinner menu that consists of international cuisine such as avocado-tomato and mozzarella salad, eggplant lasagna, vegetable-goat’s cheese towers, mushroom-smothered chicken breasts, and succulent dessert temptations such as Panacota de Nutella, chocolate devil’s food cake, cherry cheese cake and red velvet with white chocolate icing.

The restaurants Torremolinos has along the section beside Lömbok are not all of the same caliber in terms of decorative appeal, quality of the food or appetizers served with drinks. It’s therefore not surprising to discover that as you walk across the stretch of grass between the beachfront and the clubs of the strip, you may feel your steps gravitating toward the semi-tropical-terrace and wooden lounge-chairs with the pan-Asian beach-flavor of Lömbok. Its blend of elements makes it a pleasant place for afternoon coffee, evening cocktails, dinner after a swim, or dancing the night away.

Torremolinos Beach Club by Day

During the day, Lömbok is a great Torremolinos Beach Club to have as a pit-stop during seaside tanning and swimming, although you’ll need to dry off, slip on a sarong and some sandals before entering for food and cold drinks.

Lömbok’s Torremolinos Nightlife

Torremolinos nightlife at Lömbok is about shows, spectacles and summertime flamenco. Of  the clubs and bars in Torremolinos, Lömbok stands by offering more than drinks and all-night music; by featuring monologues by famous comedians, usually presented on Friday or Saturday nights. During the summer, Sundays are often dedicated to Flamenco - from 8PM onward, with Málaga artists Grupo Amargo delivering complete flamenco spectacles. Contact Lömbok Natural Beach Bar to find out about upcoming theme parties, comedian appearances and special guest DJs.

Lömbok vs. Lombok  - Geographical Note

Lömbok Natural Beach Bar is located on Playamar in Torremolinos along the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain, but the name is the same as that of the Indonesian island of Lombok; separated from Bali only by the Lombok Strait. It’s a unique bio-geographical region known as the Wallace Line, where Indonesian / Malaysian ecosystems split from those found in Australasia. Could it be we love Lömbok Torremolinos beach club a little more because of it’s name? Perhaps, but whoever chose it had something to do with the décor and the laidback atmosphere that’s well-suited to it’s tropical namesake.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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