Babilonia from Linekers Bar Puerto Banus

Babilonia is a café-lounge-bar on Frontline overlooking the yachts in the Harbor. Although part of Linekers Puerto Banus Group, it’s different from the Linekers Bar Puerto Banus is famous for – the one in New Town with dozens of plasma screens and sportscasts – and different from The Lounge and Tibu which are strictly nighttime destinations. Babilonia distinguishes itself by opening earlier in the day, having a terrace with a harbour view, serving afternoon coffee and pre-party cocktails, being an elegant venue for social functions and having an ideal ambiance for tasteful ladies nights and classy hen parties. The décor is indulgent, verging on hedonistic. It’s aptly named Babilonia – Spanish for Babylon.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   bars & pubs

name:   Babilonia
GPS:   36.486177,-4.953847
address:   Frontline Puerto Banús Harbor




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Babilonia - Linekers Bar Puerto Banus

Stylish Puerto Banus Nightlife Beginnings

Babilonia’s atmosphere is elegant and the décor warm and engaging. It has a fusion design, tending toward a Pan-Middle-Eastern flavour, incorporating ultra modern and antique pieces, blending angular white sofas, square armchairs, plush cushions, inner cubicles & semi-private sofas, wooden/leather armchairs with Moroccan / Arabic accents: Moorish arches, mosaic tiles, wrought iron chandeliers, hookah pipes, faux columns, oversized mirrors, reproductions of Babylonian / Persian effigies, at least one gilded statue of a naked male figure and a Buddha-head in a mosaic montage.

The initial area that captivates the senses is the terrace overlooking the harbor - ideal for daytime views and early evening cocktails. The terrace atmosphere is bright with a large open area for summer/daytime seating, which may be closed in winter or at night. The space has a marina atmosphere with white settees, leather chairs & white cushions, and uninterrupted views of yachts, sailboats and their masts. In the comfort of cushioned lounge chairs, lazy afternoons can lead to romance or vibrant evening cocktails; it’s all up to you. Babilonia has a way of becoming part of the frame of mind you bring to her.

Babilonia also has an indoor space - behind the harbour terrace, and just as elegant. It’s a place to get in the mood for nightlife Puerto Banus style. The area consists of a long wooden/mosaic tile bar with funky stools and a separate area for pillowed booths and semi-private settees above which are mirror-accents and hookah pipes. The area gains an Arabian Nights air of mystique when illuminated by artful lighting effects in lavender, indigo, cherry, olive, amber and saffron colors. Ideal for romance with chilled sounds in the background or for ladies nights and private social gatherings.

Babilonia is a place to get the party started in style, in an atmosphere that molds to individual moods. It’s a place for starting the evening with cocktails and choosing which restaurant, lounge, bar or nightclub Puerto Banus will pull you toward.

Puerto Banus Nightlife After Babilonia

After early cocktails at Babilonia, try Tibus Dance Club for Hip-Hop RnB, Soul, and guest appearances by some of the top International DJs. Tibu is als part of the Linekers Puerto Banus Group. After pre-dinner drinks at Babilonia, consider an elegant Pan-Asian style cuisine at InFuschia International Restaurant. It’s one of Puerto Banús’ exclusive restaurants that accepts clients only by prior reservation. Also a member of Linekers Puerto Banus Group. If you can’t pull yourself away from a sports program, Babilonia may still be the best place because the terrace, as well as the inner bar areas, have screens on the walls. But you can start at Babylonia and wind your way to the sports experts at Linekers Bar Puerto Banus - 2nd Line, New Town. If you’re in the mood for lounging, or if the world’s finest champagne is required to celebrate winning a tournament or to honour a special occasion, then the luxury lounge situated next to Linekers Bar Puerto Banus may be  ideal. It’s called The Lounge.

Babilonia Gets Rave Puerto Banus Reviews

When Babilonia opened in 2011, it received excellent Puerto Banus reviews by locals and visitors who found it a pleasant harbor-side surprise. More than a year later, it continues strong. Considering the standards for bars and lounges along Frontline harbor, Linekers Puerto Banus Group has, yet again, found the secret to success using a combination self-indulgent sensory delights in the café-lounge-bar: Babilonia.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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