Kulinarijat - Croatian cusine, the modern way

Located in a street just above the central market Dolac (parallel with Tkalčićeva street and delicious Ivica i Marica restaurant) after sightseeing Zagreb, you can sit down on a terrace of a great restaurant called Kulinarijat. The prices are average, the food diverse and well prepared. If you come here to eat during ’RESTAURANT WEEK’ (an event that happens twice a year, in March and October) you can taste yummy menu’s with 3 courses and a glass of wine in a unique price of 100kn. You’ll be delighted with the presentation of food, the thrill it evokes in your taste buds and with the nice environment surrounding you. The ingredients chefs use here are from small local producers that take care of them in a healthy and well controlled way.

country:   Croatia
region:   Zagreb
category:   restaurants
type:   other European

name:   Kulinarijat
web:   www.kulinarijat.hr
GPS:   45.816433,15.977293
address:   Opatovina 35




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Croatian Cusine, Kulinarijat

Let the sunshine in

Entering the restaurant you pass through the front terrace that is perfect for spending a summer night while enjoying both a hot meal and the fresh air. There are two terraces, one on the front and the second one on the upper floor of the restaurant, looking at different streets and having an entirely diverse mood. The interior of the place is one large room naturally divided into sections starting with a large bar and continuing with charming tables in the middle and on the left. Mirrors on the wall dominate the room which is decorated with fresh buquets of flowers that add some style to otherwise very clean and simple looking space. Wood is the material that stands out the most here and it’s often coloured in white. Large windows let the sunshine in, so during the day the rays of light naturally illuminate half of the room. It’s really stunning and creates a plesaurable mood for dining and enjoyment.

Where to eat in Zagreb?

Zagreb has many fantastic restaurants and you would need some months of paying a weekly visit to each of them to have your impressions and ability to compare them. The food here speaks for itself so we don’t need many adjectives to present it. The fish and desserts are highly recommended. Don’t forget to taste their incredible homemade crispy bread. Some of the meals you can order from the menu are inspired from some old croatian recipes and interpreted by this restaurant’s chefs in a modern way. So you can taste Croatian food in a new, more modern way. Prepare yourself to be surprised.


The waiters here are extremely helpful and kind, in one word excellent which adds another value to the ‘picture’. The whole place is also very children friendly and families frequently come here together especially during ’Restaurant week’. If you’ll be lucky enough to be in Zagreb during ’Restaurant week’ make sure you book your table few days in advance otherwise everything will probably be full and you’ll have to wait for a while until someone gets up from their table. Desserts offered on the menu are the once people talk about later, unusual flavours and bold combinations presented in a fun way. If you are a Zagreb tourist this is one of the places you’ll surely like and in which you’ll feel very pleasant and welcomed.

Contributor:  Tina Gavranic

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