Having Drinks in Zagreb? Choose Jutro Cafe

In the city centre (close to the ZKM, Zagreb theatre) there is a small cafe with a stunning backyard terrace that you could easily enjoy during the summer because of the atmosphere, decorations and delicious homemade cakes you can taste. Jutro means morning in croatian language so the name of the cafe suggests you could start your day here. The interior is very small but cosy and designed in a very creative way with many colorful details that enliven the room and make the overall mood pleasurable. A lot of the things hanging on the walls or lying on shelves are handmade art ready for sale but also a great decoration for the cafe itself. Sometimes you can stumble upon a concert here or merely come to socialize with your friends over a cup of tea or a homemade cake.

country:   Croatia
region:   Zagreb
category:   clubs
type:   bars & pubs

name:   Jutro Cafe
GPS:   45.811662,15.975384
address:   Nikole Tesle 9




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Jutro Cafe in Zagreb

Buying gifts while eating a cake

Entering this small space the colour will amaze you and you’ll probably wish to take a bucket of paint and do the same in your own room. The walls are blue, white and pink (combined in a very tasteful way), decorated with umbrellas, bags, pictures and even empty birdcages. Some of these things are for sale and others are only decoration, if you can’t tell the difference you can ask the waiter and he will clarify everything so you’ll probably end up buying some of this adorable pieces. You can choose from pictures, painted ceramic plates, earrings, necklaces and brooches. This is one of the bars in Zagreb that unites a cafe, an art shop and a gallery.

Small tables and chairs are very close to one another so they put you to a close vicinity with a nearby guest which often is a good way of starting a random conversation and meeting new people.

In the centre of the room there is a children’s corner ( which consists of two cute, miniature chairs and a small table) providing them with a variety of fun games which could keep them busy and entertained while allowing their parents to rest and chill for a while and engage in an adult conversation. This cafe is non smoking which makes it even more children friendly.

Hot drinks and irresistible cakes are a specialty of this cafe. You have to try some of the high quality tea’s they have especially herbal tea’s. The cakes attract with their appearence and flavour and often you can’t help but stare at them.

You want to visit Zagreb in June?

The night’s out in Zagreb in this period of the year are almost everybody’s favorite. It’s not too hot but just the right temperature to hang out with friends and listen to some live music in diverse spots in the city centre which is particularly alive and vibrant in June.

There is an occasional concert taking place in Jutro cafe but since the space inside is small not a lot of people can get in. During the summer or spring when the terace is fully available it’s quite different and the atmosphere and the ambient of the terace enhance the experience of a live music on a hot night where you still can hide from the crowded streets in the vicinity and enjoy a really fun summer night in Zagreb.

Contributor:  Tina Gavranic

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