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The Philippines is essentially a catholic country, and low and behold, Pope Pius IX was himself a spirited billiard player. He had a billiard table set up in the Vatican, and used to play with the Swiss guards on a regular basis. He was born in 1792 and was Pope for 32 years from 1846 till his demise in 1878. Other public and famous figures who have been associated with the game of billiards and pool include the actor Paul Newman, the singer Bob Dylan, the writer Mark Twain, another actor Bruce Willis. The fact of the matter is that there are also many different types of the game coming under the banner of the names billiards and pool. There are also umpteen sizes of tables, cue sticks and a whole menagerie of possibilities for everyone to get involved.

country:   Philippines
region:   Manila
category:   clubs
type:   billiard club

name:   Girlys Lounge
GPS:   14.565542,121.031117
address:   5043, P Burgos Street, Makati




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Girlys Lounge in Makati

Yet another gem of a different kind lurks close to the Makati CBD. Again, it is one tarnished with the stamp of approval being in the famed P Burgos Street. Girlyʹs Lounge is a veritable Gentlemanʹs Club, with self contained glass fronted smoking lounges for those who like to drag on cigarettes or puff after a choice from a whole range of cigars. Cuba might well be the cigar capital of the world, but the Philippines has a very fancy array of their own cigars which are well worth a go. The ‘smoking lounges’ have a much quieter and serene ambiance than the open Club area where a backdrop of three stages adds up to a regular stream of dancers with pole-dancing on tap for the performers who are up to giving it a go. 2 long comfortable bench seating strips face the dancing stages, with a large dance floor in front so that any straying customer can take a chance and make their mark if the temptation overwhelms them. Behind the bench seating are 2 long fixed high tables with stools and then a few tables with chairs are available for relaxing in the out skirts of the main lounge area, with a long L-shaped bar with seats as yet another alternative. Close to the bar lies the single billiard table, with cue sticks on tap. Here lies a quirk of the table positioning, since a large square pillar is snuck in too close to the table on one side. A special heavily shortened cue stick is provided and allows a player to hit the ball, but the light weight and delicate size make it a real challenge to master that particular shot. Best to make sure you position the white ball so it is your challenger who has to confront that type of shot! Otherwise the game is as is on all full sized normal tables. Girly’s lounge opens its doors at 7 and has a drinks ‘Happy Hour’ with lower prices till 9pm. Despite this enticement it is most popular late in the evening and into the wee hours of the next day. The music master DJ has his own little booth, and a request or three can be freely made, since these days internet music sources make life a lot easier for finding the vast range of sounds freely available. Staff are attentive and available to chatter, which always goes down best with a drink or three on offer for their warm and friendly company. Girly loungers can relax, drink, ogle at the dancers, wiggle a bit on the dance floor and take up the billiard challenge. In between a cigar and a private lounge is well on tap for a neat breathing space and to add a bit of class in the overall smooth ambiance of this Gentleman’s Lounge.

Contributor:  Bruce Curran

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