One of Three Exclusive Marbella Nightclubs

Funky Buddha is one of the few exclusive Marbella nightclubs for chic parties, glitzy socialite functions and posh clubbing in an opulent ambiance that melds high-tech lighting with antique Chinese / Indian carvings, Hindu / Buddhists statues, Arabic / Andalucian motifs, Moroccan lamps, nooks with pillows and cachimbas, draped alcoves and niches with settees for an atmosphere of sensuous indulgence. Funky Buddha Marbella isn’t just the place to “be seen” on the Costa del Sol, but is classed amongst the worlds finest clubs. It’s all about status, privilege and access to the best Marbella night life; about invitations to international shows, musical / theatrical performances, after parties, celeb DJ appearances and admission to restricted Marbella nightlife events.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   night club

name:   Funky Buddha
GPS:   36.505342,-4.927797
address:   Camino De La Cruz s/n, Marbella




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Funky Buddha - Marbella nightclubs

Night Life Marbella Party Hours

Marbella nightlife gets started late, around midnight, and even later at places like Funky Buddha Marbella who cater to a clientele seeking the ultimate shows, DJ appearances and after-party fiestas. It’ll depend on the night and the time of year, but it’s not likely that anything will start much before 1AM. Marbella night life may begin late, but it ends early: around 6 or 7 in the morning.

Three Elite Night Clubs in Marbella, Banús & the Golden Mile

Three clubs that cater to a select clientele, offering eclectic pan-Asian, Arabic-Andalucian atmospheres designed for private parties, shows, theatrical events and also offer provide VIP guest list access are: Funky Buddha Marbella located on Camino De La Cruz, Marbella City, Málaga; Opera Room located on the Golden Mille, highway N-340, Kilometer 176, Marbella; and Seven on Avenida Ribera in Puerto Banús, Marbella, Málaga. All three of these nightclubs in Marbella area offer fusion-style architecture and eclectic décor with oriental art and sculpture amidst high-tech lighting in a chic ambiance designed for cocktails. Speaking of cocktails, all three clubs enjoy a close relationship with international brands such as Belvedere Vodka, and specialize in the best champagne by Moet & Chardon, Dom Pérignon and Armand de Brignac. These night clubs Marbella area has along the Costa del Sol, which are situated fairly close together and maintain a fashionable Fiesta philosophy, make it possible for functions to be organized in such a way as to include party-hopping from one club to another. To be invited to specific events, sign up to the VIP lists on the Seven, Opera Room and Funky Buddha Marbella websites and have what’s happening in the night life Marbella scene sent to your inbox.

VIP Guest Lists & Privileges Beyond Average Night Life Marbella Style

It’s not uncommon in the Marbella nightlife scene to end up in a lineup while a bouncer searches for names on a guest lists and turns most petitioners away. But waiting in line batting your eyelashes at a bouncer isn’t the best way to get into any club and certainly not the best way to get into Funky Buddha Marbella – one of the elite nightclubs in Marbella. It’s preferable to be a “somebody” and get invited in advance, you can also get on the Funky Buddha Marbella VIP guest list by sending a request via their website. You can also use their website to check if you made it into one of their recent photo galleries. While it’s tedious and crude to talk about money or think about a budget when going out, it may be essential to consider not just your designer attire and social status but also your budget before applying to the Funky Buddha Marbella VIP list. The club isn’t for those who have a limited nightlife budget because one of the most affordable alcoholic beverages starts at fifty euros…for a lip wetting mini Moet champagne. The drink menu is designed to accommodate groups and private parties ordering bottles of champagne starting at around €200, or 15 liters of champagne and a show for €4,000. Bottles of Belvedere Vodka start at €200, or 6 liters for €1,600 and combination packs that include 6 liters of Vodka and 10 bottles of champagne plus a show go for €6,000. Above and beyond regular party planning and cocktail serving, Funky Buddha Marbella also can arrange for special VIP services including luxury cars, villas, jets, yachts and personal shopping. These are just a few of the privileges offered to elite Funky Buddha clientele, benefits many other night clubs in Marbella might not be as well equipped to deliver.

Marbella Spain Nightlife: Go-Go, Posh Nooks & Armand de Brignac Champagne

Remember there are three clubs offering elite VIP services in Marbella City, Puerto Banús and along the Golden Mile – which is the area between Marbella and Puerto Banús that’s about 4 miles long. If you want Murano glass lamps, an outdoor terrace with chill-out beds and an Armand de Brignac champagne lounge, choose Opera Room: Marbella Spain nightlife with a touch of drama. If you want a glamorous VIP restaurant and bar with go-go shows in an Oriental-Arabic lounge, choose SEVEN: Marbella nightlife with sensuality. If you want posh nooks and cachimbas…hookah pipes, choose Funky Buddha: Marbella night life with indulgence.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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