Eugenios Near La Nogalera Torremolinos

Eugenio’s is unlike other clubs in the Plaza de La Nogalera Torremolinos area. From the outside it looks like a Spanish villa but it’s actually a series of opulent Greco-Latin lounges and a dance hall. The lounges have lavishly upholstered armchairs, Roman statues, draperies and a padded leather bar. The disco pulses with music, high-tech lights and has hot nightlife in Torremolinos for the ladies, with male go-go & striptease shows every Tuesday and Thursday. On Fridays it’s one of the Torremolinos bars for the boys, with female striptease shows and all-night 2 for1 drinks. Eugenios is one of the clubs in Torremolinos that also caters to private parties, offering free cava - Spanish champagne - at hen parties, birthdays, weddings and other celebrations.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   live music

name:   Eugenios
GPS:   36.620867,-4.498644
address:   Casablanca 14, Torremolinos




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Eugenio’s Disco & Piano Bar

The Famous Clubbing Area in La Nogalera Torremolinos

Eugenio’s Disco & Piano Bar, which used to be called Oscar’s from 1985 to 1997, is located on Calle Casablanca number 14, near Plaza de La Nogalera Torremolinos which has long been famous as a party area. La Nogalera, with many of the clubs nestled into the labyrinthine maze below the shopping center, has been a prime site for alternative bars, dance clubs, go-go shows and some of the hottest gay clubs of the region. For years, La Nogalera constituted the core of nightlife in Torremolinos City, and although it’s no longer as popular, it remains a venue for an alternative underground-style clubbing scene.

Despite Eugenio’s being situated near this hub of alternative nightlife and unconventional Torremolinos bars in the clubbing district, the disco and lounge areas aren’t alternative nor do they offer avant-garde nightlife in Torremolinos. Eugenio’s is one of the more classic clubs in torremolinos where, in the piano bar lounge, it would seem fitting to encounter a gentleman sipping brandy and smoking a pipe, while in the disco area, it would be equally natural to find a group of early-twenty-something ladies in miniskirts sipping champagne and watching a go-go dancer gyrate to the latest pop hit. While it’s no longer one of the trendiest clubs in Torremolinos, it’s one that’s passed the test of time. Under the direction of one of the Costa del Sol Torremolinos tourism pioneers, Eugenio himself, the lounge-club-disco-piano-bar has been around since the mid seventies, first as the VIP Club, then El Dorado, later Oscar’s, and now: Eugenio’s. All along it’s been Eugenio’s skill at knowing how to attract crowds that’s made each a success, and people still line-up to get 2 for 1 drinks, free champagne, roses and hot shows with male go-go dancers for the ladies, striptease shows for men, and the latest music and lightshows that continue Friday, Saturday and Sunday until dawn.

Best Bars Torremolinos has for Private Parties & Celebrations

Eugenio’s is a well-known venue for private functions. It has spacious areas that adapt to different types of celebrations, from corporate events and wedding receptions to hen parties, stags and adult birthdays. It’s possible that Eugenio’s is one of the best bars Torremolinos has for group celebrations because aside from being spacious and having numerous atmospheres, it caters to groups by providing little extras such as free champagne and being willing to accommodate personal requests for unique parties.

While many of the bars Torremolinos has along the beach have open air terraces, few provide a blend of open terrace and private space with elegant settees and booth-style seating for intimate gatherings. Eugenio’s has private spaces, settee-style booths, groups of comfortable armchairs and sofas as well as intimate nooks and areas that can be sectioned off while remaining part of the lounge, piano bar or nightclub atmosphere.   

Sunday Partying – Costa del Sol Torremolinos Nightlife that Never Stops

Costa del Sol Torremolinos nightlife is available 7 days a week, and that includes Sundays! At Eugenio’s, the seventh day is one of the most affordable to party especially when using a discount card. For example, one of the Sunday specials available with the card is: 5 “copas” – glasses of wine – for 35 euros. The discount card can be used in the piano bar, lounges, on the terrace or in the disco. Sunday is an excellent day for friends and family to gather together and let the professionals at Eugenio’s take care of drinks, snacks and the little details of a private Sunday Fiesta.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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