Eliksir – Divine Raw Food in Zagreb

How often do you get out of the restaurant completely amazed by the unique experience you’ve just lived and at fair price? Not that often I suppose. This raw food restaurant will give this experience to you. Whether you are a vegan or an all-eater you’ll enjoy every bite and be stunned by creativity, taste, combination of ingredients and simplicity of dishes that truly evoke your senses. Probably you’ll find yourself asking the waiter/owner a bunch of questions about the ingredients and an overall idea of the dish and she will respond warmly and thoroughly just stiring up your curiosity about raw food. It’s also the only exclusively vegan restaurant in Zagreb, the ingredients are seasonal, organic and grown locally. Just keep an open mind and this place will delight you.

country:   Croatia
region:   Zagreb
category:   restaurants
type:   other European

name:   Eliksir
web:   www.artofrawfood.com
GPS:   45.815984,15.981692
address:   Ribnjak 8




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Eliksir restaurant - raw food in Zagreb

Search, search and you’ll find it

Looking for the right number and the exact street in the end you’ll find yourself standing in front of an ordinary building which will confuse you because you probably expected the usual restaurant entrance but don’t get discouraged. Ring the bell at the door and the owner will let you in. It would be very wise to make reservations first because sometimes they rent the space for diverse events and it could be occupied.

Tourists visiting Zagreboften find this place online because the word is spreading about its quality but the strange thing is that Croatian people stop by less then tourists. Maybe we are still not that keen on trying something new or unusual or maybe the fact is merely that most of the people never heard about this place.What makes it even more irresistable is that it’s like a hidden jewel.

Warm, well lit and beautifully decorated interior in which colors, details, paintings and plants complement each other and make the space peaceful and relaxing beyond measure. The view from the balcony is outstanding since a huge park (Ribnjak) is nearby as well as the cathedral. The flowers on the balcony make it all even more charming and close to nature.

The art of raw food – the magic of flavours

The key fact is that nothing here is cooked or heated above 45 degrees. Not heating anything above this temperature preserves much more vitamins , minerals and enzymes. You could wonder what makes it delicious and you’ll figure out the answer only if you try this kind of food and preparation for yourself. No flour, no eggs, no pasta etc. but still deserts are yummy and the imitation (raw version) of lasagne, pancakes, cakes and many other dishes are just something you’ll certainly be happy to try and maybe make an effort to prepare for yourself once in a while. It’s truly and art because the flavours are combined in a new, diverse, unique and skilled way.


If you live in Zagreb you can apply for a newsletter and receive information about different workshops being held at Eliksir. So if you don’t known where to learn about raw food and from whom exactly here is you chance.

Not just any restaurant

This certainly is not just any restaurant but one of those places you are so glad you discovered and so appreciative of its existence. Variety of food in Zagreb (and anywhere else)and originality in combining and preparing it is much needed and should be highly valued. Love and passion towards what they prepare, put on the table, how they do it and in what kind of space are present in this place and leaving it you take some of it with you.

Contributor:  Tina Gavranic

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