Drink Bar – a tiny eclectic Warsaw bar

There are three ways to discover Drink Bar: a Polish lover takes you saying “it’s not what it looks like from the outside”, you’re looking for oriental curios or underwear and open the wrong door, or you’re lost. Guests stumble into, or totally miss, this reticent, eclectic-bohemian bar since it’s disguised by mediocrity below a square apartment block wedged between a curio emporium and a lingerie shop. Ignore the gaudy window-dressings and metal bars. Swing open the door and…voila! A tiny avant-garde space with arty theatrical relics adorning ceiling and walls; where moody lights turn faces into ruddy shadows and tables overflow with conversation. It’s a Warsaw bar so underground it’s in plain view on Wspólna Street. Authentic Warsaw nightlife - impossible to improve.

country:   Poland
region:   Warsaw
category:   clubs
type:   bars & pubs

name:   Drink Bar
web:   sambawalker.com
GPS:   52.226906,21.011909
address:   Wspólna 52/54




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Drink Bar in Warsaw

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into this Warsaw bar…

Drink Bar isn’t as big as “Rick’s Cafe Americain” and Sam isn’t playing the piano (in fact the place isn’t big enough for a piano), but it’s got an alluring ambiance that few Warsaw bars posses. It’s the kind of place where you sip a drink and the door opens: a clean shaven suite with a Bogart fedora enters…then a beard with a tatty overcoat; neither raise eyebrows, and the door continues to open and close until 2:00 or 3:00am; cool air enters, smoke escapes; drinks are poured, ideas exchanged. The faces & figures that congregate in this tiny Warsaw bar are as dissimilar as their tax brackets & sexual orientations; united by the need for an ambiance of inspiration, a drink without frills, a space for conjuring ideas and developing conversations. No plasma screens; no glitzy shows. If you manage to find your way to Drink Bar (albeit one of the best kept secret bars in Warsaw), look up when the door opens; you never know who’s just walked in.

Cozier & darker than many Warsaw bars – a place for conversations

There’s moody jazz and a mix of rhythms ranging from mellow nouveau-lounge sounds to haunting Brazilian beats. A reddish glow slithers around the room; it comes from a crimson-glass lantern above the bar, at the back down a teeny little corridor. Candles drip on tables; there’s a scarcity of tables but people enter and enter…and somehow everyone nestles into a the few cozy armchairs, a settee, a bench with pillows and a couple swivel loungers. There’s a buzz of conversation; it gets louder as empty glasses mount. The art gets better. Is it art? Remnants of stage sets? Beginnings or endings of ideas?  A bouquet of flowers, a single tulip; a red poppy. It’s hard to tell what’s what. Unlike most bars in Warsaw, and around the world, Drink Bar doesn’t overindulge in light - it’s one of the darkest bars around. Everything has a ruddy glow; burgundy, auburn, amaranth. The eyes adjust; nooks reveal themselves slowly. Was “that” always there? Did the last drink make the ceiling melt into a Salvador Dalí landscape? No, there’s a scarlet “something” dissolving in the corner; warped musical instruments on the wall or ceiling - the division isn’t clear. A Corinthian column, an antique door impossible to enter, a murky mirror, an empty frame. Does the owner change things to keep guests guessing? Hmmm.

Unpretentious nightlife in Warsaw

Warsaw nightlife offers a club and bar scene as trendy as anywhere in Europe, and DJ-style dance-club venues provide partying til dawn, replete with bouncers to grant VIP access or turn away riffraff. That’s not what this tiny eclectic Warsaw bar is about. Drink Bar is a place for conversations in an unpretentious environment. It’s a place where it doesn’t matter who you are, how you dress, what you do or don’t do, or if you even want to enter at all. It’s so small it’s not important if most people never discover it exists; perhaps it’s better it remain almost unknown.

Lost in Warsaw?

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Contributor:  Nena Argent

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