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In the heart of San Miguel, situated in the northwestern district of Buenos Aires on Tribulato Street, we find Clubzone Dance Club. It’s the largest nightclub in San Miguel Buenos Aires Argentina – a dream for any nightlife enthusiast, where the sweet sounds of Latin music mix with the out of control beats of house. Definitely a place for anyone who enjoys good music and wonderful company – not one of the average boliches Buenos Aires offers, but a hotspot – the main dance venue in the San Miguel area; just 30 kilometers from the heart of the Argentine capital. With 3 high-tech environments, one including live performances (plus a late-night restaurant), and a VIP section for all-night extravagance, Clubzone isn’t outdone even by the trendiest Buenos Aires clubs.

country:   Argentina
region:   Buenos Aires
category:   clubs
type:   night club

name:   Clubzone Dance Club
GPS:   -34.533058,-58.704718
address:   Concejal Tribulato, 194 San Miguel




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Clubzone - Nightlife in Buenos Aires

Clubzone – Buenos Aires nightlife with Saturday night discounts

Due to their remarkable discounts, Clubzone has a full house every Saturday night. Public relations representatives walk the town on Saturday afternoons and give away free tickets; you just have to be there at the right time! Discounts range from free club entries to free dinners and drinks.

As you approach the club from the outside, you’ll immediately notice the new impeccable VIP entrance and two other accesses for admittance into different sectors of the club. It’s well organized, which gets partiers exactly where they want to be: inside one of the three spaces, each with it’s own singular flavour.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires with a mix of Latin sounds & EDM

Clubzone Dance club is divided into three spacious lounges.

  1. Clubzone (main floor)
  2. On the main floor, simply called “Clubzone”, you’ll find top DJs, from local experts to the latest international guests who arrive just for the weekend. The ambiance is designed for those who love to dance with house and electronic - EDM. With two full bars, an exclusive VIP section, outstanding sound and a massive video screen above the DJ booth, it’s a fabulous place to drink, move with the beat, or be entertained by the high-tech screens.

  3. Terraza
  4. As you exit the main Clubzone lounge, you’ll find yourself in an outdoors space called “Terraza”. Palm trees, and an alfresco green space, blend with the Latin sounds of the night, and with bar-counters all around, you can taste pretty much anything your heart desires from chic Dom Pérignon vintage champagne to sensuous peach daiquiris. What makes the Terraza special is that every Saturday they have live shows, plus local and international bands and popular singers, including the famed Argentinean bands “Babasonicos” and “Miranda”. The stage is set high enough so spectators won’t miss seeing the performers and hearing every beat of their songs despite the large open-air environment in which it takes place.

  5. Room
  6. Clubzone isn’t merely a Buenos Aires club for dancing, it’s also a late night restaurant. It’s in the “Room” where the restaurant and shows are setup in the evening. The dance floor is converted into an exclusive restaurant – which remains open until midnight – and where fashion shows are presented, beauty contests take place (so beautiful women and handsome men can strut their stuff), and where comedy shows unfold while guests dine. Every Saturday, one of the entertainers gives away prizes with audience participation, whereby guests can enter a variety of dance, singing and acting contests to show-off their talents. Then, as midnight approaches, the tables are removed making way for the dance floor. The music is hot and spicy – Latin, retro 80’s pop and Top 40 hits from the 90’s. They also have celebrity guests that visit the lounge areas to entertain and mingle with people throughout the club. It’s funky and highly interactive!

Theme parties & the VIP Clubzone (chic style in San Miguel Buenos Aires)

  • VIP Zone
  • Upstairs is the Clubzone VIP section. It’s spacious for dancing and hanging out. There’s a really smart feature in this section. Every VIP booth comes with a mini fridge packed with champagne and energy drinks that can be enjoyed by VIP guests as desired without having to call a waiter/waitress, and without even having to move from your seat. With everything so handy there’s no need to miss a snippet of the conversation or the show.

  • Theme Parties
  • Clubzone isn’t just another dance venue or another of the many boliches Buenos Aires is famous for, but a place for funky theme parties. They host events such as the popular White Party, Drag Party, Foam Party and Costume Party, among others, where everyone can participate. But that’s not all! Of all the places for nightlife in Buenos Aires, this one has something exceptional, offering extravagant shows with guest participation. Indeed, this is one venue that has wild Drag Queen shows and hot GoGo dancers to attract the crowds by doing something a little different. The performers blend in amongst everyone, mingling with those on the floor so that performers dance not only “for” the guests but also “with” them. It’s fun to participate and feel part of the show – not just be a spectator.

A last word about this trendy Buenos Aires club

With white walls, onto which DJs project 360 degree films, and booming state-of-the-art breathtaking sound, the ambiance at Clubzone is always upbeat and ready to party!

Contributor:  Mariana Petrelli

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