Carpe Diem Lounge Night Club Barcelona

CDLC – Carpe Diem Lounge Club, is one of the most luxurious beachside Barcelona restaurants with Bali beds, Moroccan tables and terrace loungers where you can seize the day with chef Alfonso Aranda’s eclectic fusion Arab, Indian, Mediterranean & Pan-Asian cuisine: from sashimi, sushi, hamachi and Thai dishes to blinis with caviar and Kobe steak. Seize the night when CDLC turns into one of the très chic Barcelona clubs with cushioned VIP areas on raised platforms, and R&B, Chill, House and Latin rhythms fill the air. Carpe Diem Night Club Barcelona is on the boardwalk of Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta. Follow the “Carpe Diem Lounge Club” glass booth down the stairs and look for a reclining Buddha beside Bali beds and a sitting Buddha facing the seaside terrace.

country:   Spain
region:   Barcelona
category:   clubs
type:   lounge

name:   CDLC
GPS:   41.384778,2.19615
address:   Passeig Maritim 32, Marina Beach




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Carpe Diem - night club, Barcelona

Barcelona Beach Restaurant Barceloneta Nightclub: Dom Pérignon VIP Lounge

Carpe Diem fusion restaurant, international cocktail lounge and exclusive VIP nightclub is the place for beachside cocktails, a romantic Barcelona night with dinner for two, or a party with friends on Bali beds with Dom Pérignon while peeking out from behind white drapes. It’s a restaurant Barceloneta has been proud of for years, where the interior designs of La Maison de l´Elephant have brought Morocco to the doors of India, and Arabian arches and multicolor pillows to raised Oriental platform-beds (where shoes are prohibited). Carpe Diem is where it’s not out of place to have Buddha sculptures and Red Light District performances together; a place where Dom Perignon flows with R&B sounds of DJ Yoda and bodies sway below ancient arches to emerge in high-tech lights.

What Makes CDLC one of the Best Restaurants in Barcelona Barceloneta Area

Dinning and Barcelona night life along the Barceloneta area are indelibly entwined, but travelers may find that kitchens, even at some of the finest restaurants, are limited to Spanish hours, which means they’re open from 13:30-14:00, closed at 15:30, then reopened at 20:00 - 20:30. However, Carpe Diem is open all afternoon and into the night; in fact the chef’s still cooking a an hour after the nightclub gets underway. Seize the day and the night with kitchen service from 1:00pm (noon) until 1:00am everyday.

The décor and ambiance at CDLC is unquestionably luxurious and stands out even if you’re just passing along the boardwalk, but it’s the menu that sets Carpe Diem apart from competitors along the Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta. There are dozens of reasons Carpe Diem Restaurant Barceloneta is one of the best and they start with tuna and salmon maki sushi with avocado and hot sauce; California and Philadelphia style sushi rolls like the Kani-kama, avocado, cucumber and chive rolls or the salmon avocado and Philadelphia cream cheese rolls covered in sesame. There’s nigir sushi that includes salmon shake, tuna maguro, soft roe hamachi, shrimp ebi and smoked eel unagi; trays of fresh tuna and salmon sashimi - from 6 pieces to 120 pieces of nigiri, hamachi, maki, California and Philadelphia rolls, sashimi, crayfish, orochi and foi rolls. Appetizers range from Arabian-North African, Hindu-Indian, Pan-Asian and Japanese styles, with tuna carpaccio, Iberian ham, spring rolls, hamachi,  Wagyu beef carpaccio, white Japanese sashimi, imperial caviar with blini, hummus, babaganoush, muhammara, falafel, shami kebab chicken tikka, inari sushi and yakitori. Entrees include: Phat Thai (Pad Thai) – stir-fried rice noodles, prawns, calamari, shiitake, soy sprouts, peanuts, lime juice and Thai seasoning; Wok Stir-fry Chicken – vegetables, dates cashew nuts, jasmine rice and soy sauce; Curry  Matsaman – duck, Thai eggplant, tatsoy, litchi, corn, cilantro and jasmine rice; Shrimp Curry – stir fried prawns in yellow curry with vegetables, tropical fruit and jasmine rice served on a banana leaf. There’s a list of Kobe beef including premium Kobe steak and Wagyu burgers. CDLC has a menu difficult for most restaurant Barceloneta chefs to top because chef Alfonso Aranda has artfully fused Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Pan-Asian, Indian, Arabic, North African and Mediterranean fare into a tapestry of  dishes that compliment the fine wines in their “bodega”. Carpe Diem says it’s “about creating dreams and then waking up all your senses”.

Eating, Lounging, Drinking, Dancing & Clubbing Barcelona Style – by the Seaside

Most Barcelona clubs offer tapas, but few Barcelona restaurants keep their kitchen open until 1AM like Carpe Diem offering dozens of exotic dishes like: sushi, sashimi and spicy Thai stir-fry. Yet there’s a lot more to CDLC. Clubbing Barcelona style means partying every night of the week, and that requires variety. At Carpe Diem there’s something different going on every night, for example: get clubbing Barcelona City style with Sweet Tuesdays where resident DJ Yoda delivers the sensuous sounds of Rhythm & Blues. On Thursday there’s a hot clubbing Barcelona trend that includes a theatrical performance – dinner and a live show such as “Red Light District”. Fridays offer indulgence with Dom Pérignon, which at CDLC is a singular experience because, aside from a few exclusive Puerto Banus nightclubs on the Costa del Sol, it’s one of the few Dom Pérignon ambassador clubs. Saturdays are sizzling party nights for clubbing Barcelona in different styles such as the wild CDLC Saturday Party Themes.

Barcelona Party Time is About VIP Service at the Best clubs in Barcelona

CDLC Night Club Barcelona offers VIP services for groups who want deluxe night life in Barcelona without worrying about details. Reserve a Bali lounge, which can be curtained off for privacy, book the Moroccan table area for larger groups or select an outdoor Bali bed on the terrace. Go clubbing Barcelona style after midnight without leaving the inner club…just reserve a space with curtains, mattress and pillows or an area on the open-air patio with beach views and sea breezes and continue into the night. To qualify for this level of VIP service all that’s required is booking a “table” for 5 or more guests and agreeing to order one bottle of alcohol, which will come with mixers. Prices start at 150 € - 170 €  for Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial or Cicique Rum, up to 1,400 € for a bottle of Grey Goose Vodka Magnum 4.5 liters. Inquire about special nights that include bottles, VIP service, spectacular live performances, light shows and Dom Pérignon events for set prices. These events are only available at similarly classed clubs around the world, for example at exclusive venues for nightlife in Marbella Spain and elite clubs along the Costa del Sol such as Funky Buddha Marbella, Opera Room on the Golden Mille, Seven in Puerto Banús, Olivia Valére between Marbella and Puerto Banús, and some of the Lineker bar group locations including The Lounge, Babilonia and Tibu Puerto Banús. For more information on night clubs in Puerto Banus and trendy night life in Marbella, follow Sambawalker recommendations using the links below or by browsing Search. Don’t get lost around Barcelona by having a Sambawalker Barcelona map or using the online Sambawalker map Barcelona applications. Use Sambamaper – that has a map of Barcelona with clubs, bars and restaurant listings. Hop around the globe – from Barcelona to Warsaw and from Rio de Janeiro to Phuket – following Sambawalker footsteps to the best places for parting, romancing and relaxing.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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