Buddha Concept Nightlife in Marbella

Nightlife in Marbella Costa del Sol begins at 3:00 in the afternoon on the Premium Terrace of Buddha Marbella. The night eases in with 45 different varieties of gin, live performances, and Wednesday’s Noche Cubana for Latin dancing and free salsa, cumbia and bachata classes. On Thursdays, Vegas meets Costa del Sol nightlife with DLIGHT Casino at Buddha Marbella where blackjack and roulette can win free drinks. On Fridays, DJs turn up the heat and Buddha night life in Marbella delivers R&B rhythms, House Dance and the latest trendy music sensations. Nightlife in Marbella at the Buddha on Avenida del Mar doesn’t skip a beat Monday through Sunday with parties going til 6:00AM on weekdays and until 7:00AM on weekends.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   night club

name:   Buddha Marbella
web:   www.buddhamarbella.net
GPS:   36.5082,-4.885971
address:   Avda del Mar 3, Marbella




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Buddha - nightlife in Marbella

Marbella Costa del Sol Deluxe Clubbing Concept

There’s a trend toward upscale Costa del Sol nightlife concepts fulfilling a craving for the “rich & famous playground” ambiance of yesteryears while keeping with what clubbing culture demands today: a lot more than a bar with loud music, lighting and a dance floor. Today, nightlife in Marbella Spain, and other party destinations, are offering deluxe clubbing concepts designed around open spaces with luxury sofas, armchairs, pillows and footstools on VIP lounge terraces and indoor clubs where exotic fusion-style décor exudes sensuality and decadent comfort; where indulgence involves all the senses. Buddha Marbella is one of the clubbing concept trendsetters, where a luxury atmosphere doesn’t exclude sportscasts, theme parties, Latin dances, Casino games and all-night dancing. Buddha Marbella is a whole lot of fun wrapped in relaxed-elegance.

Contemporary Nightlife in Marbella Spain

Contemporary nightlife in Marbella City and along the Costa del Sol delivers a level of urban-chic relaxation at places like Buddha Marbella where elegance, comfort and VIP service meld with oriental décor, subtle lighting effects, trendy music and theme parties. The nightlife Marbella delivers at Buddha’s Premium Terrace and lounge is as much about the lighting around Buddha sculptures, shadows on motifs, eccentrically adorned columns, textured Chinese consoles, leather barstools, antique tables and rustic hardwood floors, as it is about delicatessen-style tapas, hors d’oeuvres, Spanish pinchos – zesty individual skewers – as well as gourmet coffees, cocktails, forty-five international Gins and an assortment of fine wines. Today, the best nightclubs Marbella has to offer, such as Buddha Marbella, deliver premium comfort, a sensuous environment and a VIP atmosphere as part of a total Costa del Sol nightlife experience.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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