The Nest: Bangkok nightlife for couples

Bangkok nightlife for couples starts by “nesting” atop a rooftop bar. In cabana-style lounge-pods around a sandy beach. On open-air Bali-beds under canopies. In hammock-swings for two. On cushioned sofas with exotic fruit cocktails or at low tables sharing Euro-Asian-fusion tapas in a secluded garden with jazz & bossa nova at the heart of Sukhumvit nightlife district on Soi 11. The Nest is chic yet unassuming; conducive to romance, but not boring; featuring live music in the evening, weekend DJs and midweek Latino theme parties. It’s also a stop-off for couples en route to the Bed Supper Club, Q Bar and other Sukhumvit hotspots since many top Bangkok nightlife venues are literally a minute away from this romantic ninth floor Nest. Open till 3am. No cover charge.

country:   Thailand
region:   Bangkok
category:   clubs
type:   bars & pubs

name:   Nest
GPS:   13.738405,100.561527
address:   33/33 Sukhumvit, Soi 11, Klongtoey-Nua




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The Nest Lounge, Bangkok for couples

Le Fenix Hotel’s rooftop lounge – romantic Sukhumvit nightlife

It’s nowhere near the highest rooftop bar Bangkok offers its visitors, but it is one of the most romantic venues for nightlife in the Sukhumvit district where every cocoon-style daybed, lounge chair, hammock, stool and even the floor mats are comfy enough to snuggling with a partner. Early evening sounds include soul, funk, rhythm & blues, bossa nova and light jazz, as well as live music (that’s not too loud) and an ambiance conducive to conversation. Later in the night, three resident DJs (and international guests) mix popular classics and 80’s favorites creating a lively yet laidback party atmosphere that blends sensual indulgence with romantic playfulness. Amongst midweek events are the Barrio Latino theme parties with live percussion and spicy Latin rhythms. On Thursdays there’s Nest Music with guests like the Bangkok Collective and vocalists such as former DJ Tapanee Manaves (known as Tara), guitarist Johnny O and singer-songwriter Shimona Kee who accompanies guitar, ukulele, and piano; sometimes joining Johnny O and Tara for jam session. Weekend events include rooftop parties like Mode, scheduled for the second Saturday of each month, and Miami Beach theme parties on the last Saturday with a mix of live music, DJs and cool Miami-style cocktails, naturally including minty mojitos…and speaking of drinks, the Nest serves cocktails in giant fishbowl glasses packed with ice (great for sharing) that come with garnishes like watermelon wedges and chili peppers. But there’s another reason why The Nest has become one of the best bars in Bangkok, and it has to do with…

International tapas – the latest finger-licking craze to hit nightlife in Bangkok

Spanish tapas; yes, those mouthwatering little snacks like anchovy-stuffed olives, Iberian jam rolls and sizzling garlic prawns in olive oil (served from Barcelona to the Costa del Sol) have made their way to Bangkok and fused with Chinese, Japanese and Thai treats to become: international tapas. This adds a funky new dimension to Bangkok nightlife for couples, especially at the Nest where an extensive tapas menu offers a lot more than “snacks”, in fact the chef has taken recipes from around the world and sized them into savory morsels to be eaten s-l-o-w-l-y; as a sensual culinary experience for two.

At Le Fenix Hotel’s rooftop bar Bangkok lounge & international tapas nest, the evening starts at 6pm. One way to begin is with finger-licking Mediterranean grilled garlic bread dribbled with olive oil, or with crispy Italian bruschetta, prosciutto di Parma (ham) & pesto sandwiches, or steamed Japanese edamame salted soybeans and tempura shrimps. Another treat on the menu, which fuses Chinese stuffed wontons with Japanese dumplings, are bite-sized fried gyoza (jiaozi) filled with mushrooms. The Nest also specializes in converting Thai dishes into tapa-size servings that include chicken pandanus (marinated chicken wrapped in palm leaves), salmon rolls (in a light French-style pastry) and Thailand’s best quality Pon Yang Kham marbled beef tenderloin slices. If Japanese kewpie mayonnaise fries, deep-fried calamari, doryfish & shrimp, or pad kra prow basil stir-fry (with chicken, pork, shrimp or mushrooms) doesn’t hit the spot, then there are also American classics like Caesar salad, chicken wings and even onion rings. Two of the most unique fusion tapas on the menu are the barbeque prawn burger and the venison burger made with Australian organic deer meat, brie and glazed bacon. However, the simple Lebanese vegetarian falafel wraps are also a hit served with Arabic salad. For those who know about ‘real’ Spanish tapas, the Nest doesn’t disappoint with sautéed anchovies in a red wine & herb sauce on crunchy “tostadas”, chicken “pinchos” and olives with almonds in bacon rolls.

Alfresco Bangkok bars – staying dry during the wet season

The ambiance at the Nest is romantic, the location central, the menu creative, the cocktails exotic, the service friendly, and access (unlike many chic Bangkok bars and clubs in the district) is completely hassle-free. It’s easy to understand how it’s become one of the best bars in Bangkok even though it’s only on the 9th floor and has a rather mishmashed view of skyscrapers, apartment complexes, balconies, antennae and neighborhood satellite dishes. But unlike the glass-enclosed lounge bars in Bangkok luxury towers, the nest is open-air. What happens when it rains, as it does for…hmmm…several months of the year? Bangkok nightlife continues rain or shine with a series of awnings stretched to cover the entire rooftop bar when it’s wet (the rainy season in Thailand is from May to November), but pulled back during the dry season. The canopies are in many ways better than glass; they blend well with the cocooned tropical beach-garden ambiance and are a natural extension to the white-cotton hammock-swings, Bali-beds and rattan cabanas. In fact the space is so tastefully designed, without being over decorated, that the rooftop view seems much better than it actually is.   

Sambawalker’s Bangkok nightlife map

Check Sambawalker’s latest Bangkok nightlife map, printed versions and mobile apps, to find where The Nest is situated in relation to other trendy Sukhumvit nightlife venues like Q Bar, Narz, Glow, Escobar, Escudo, Booze, the Alchemist Bar (only open till midnight) and the fashionable theatrical dining & clubbing venue: Bed Supper Club Bangkok. Watch for new Bangkok maps and android mobile apps that mark the position of the hottest places for partying, romancing and relaxing in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon – The City of Angels.  

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Contributor:  Nena Argent

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