Banana Disco: Phuket nightlife & Bangla Road

It’s hard to miss the enormous banana on Taweewong Road in Patong, but if you do, there’s a giant effigy of an Aztec-Thai-god, bamboo scaffolding and dangling streamers with colorful lights to mark one of the oldest places for Phuket nightlife – Banana Disco. It’s similar to other clubs with dance beats, house mixes & hip-hop, but there are a few differences. The cover charge, between 200-400 baht that includes a drink or two, also acts as a deterrent to Bangla hotties & minimizes undesirable shenanigans. The bi-level non-smoking club has a massive dance floor (ruled by a gargantuan Aztec-Thai deity), is air-conditioned and has two bars with fast service ensuring happily inebriated guests. There’s live music from 10pm to midnight, then the disco continues till 2am.

country:   Thailand
region:   Phuket
category:   clubs
type:   dance club

name:   Banana Disco
GPS:   7.893245,98.29486
address:   96 Thawiwong Rd, Patong




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Banana Disco in Patong Beach - Phuket nightlife

A Longstanding mainstay of nightlife in Phuket

Patong beach nightlife is as varied as its patrons. There are beer bars with pool tables, Soi Bangla ladies and ladyboy cabarets, go-go girl bars, Irish pubs, live rock’n’roll lounges and places that feature unconventional uses for ping pongs and bananas. But Banana Disco isn’t amongst these types of Phuket clubs; it’s actually what it claims to be: a discothèque for dancing, drinking and taking in live music concerts. While many places have formed part of the ever changing landscape that makes exploring Patong by night a singular experience, Banana Disco has remained a mainstay of nightlife in Phuket for a very long time – by last calculation, about 18 years – making it the oldest dance club in Patong, and one of the best known discothèques on the island. Yes, it’s kitsch, but isn’t that what makes Patong enchanting? The pseudo-pagan lotus-holding Thai goddess meets Aztec warrior theme prevails throughout Banana Disco despite having acquired large plasma screens and state-of-the-art laser lighting. Although night life in Phuket is almost guaranteed to be unpredictable, Banana Disco is quite consistent about delivering  three things: a mix of popular music, a dance floor spacious enough to jump, bebop and wiggle freely, alcoholic beverages served quickly, and a relatively trouble-free environment. Its possible to take in a concert while meandering outside and nibbling street vendor snacks because some of the events are held on makeshift stages around the club’s entrance. There are tables set up on an outdoor terrace, making it a good spot to have a drink while assessing the crowd and type of music before taking the plunge and getting a hand stamp, which means you’ve paid the cover charge.

Phuket night life near Banana Disco

Patong beach nightlife is more than abundant in and around the Banana Disco area. There’s places like the White Room that are small and unpretentious, big names like Hollywood Disco that charge a cover plus demand hefty reservation fees (around 2 thousand baht) for dance floor tables, and the trendiest of Phuket clubs with “awesome” sound systems like Seduction on Happy Road. The nightlife Phuket offers in Patong also includes places for rock’n’rollers like RockCity that serves Thai-style Tex-Mex food and the next best thing to hooch. Not to be missed, even if just to wander through, are the famous Bangala Road establishments as well as those on Soi Eric and Soi Easy, which have so many bars, clubs, shows and flashing signs it’s difficult to know where one ends and another begins. Shows and go-go venues are all around with some of the best offering ping pong athletic displays (that involve no hands), bathing shows that include audience participation, and impressive body painting exhibitions. From Suzy Wong’s fanny-spanking house to the Devil’s Playground, where angels and devils vie for simultaneous attention, exploring Patong by night is anything but boring.

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