Atrévete: Torremolinos Nightlife with a Latin Beat

Atrévete means “I dare you”, and that’s exactly what one of the most popular dance clubs in Torremolinos is inviting couples to be: a little more daring on the dance floor with moves that sway hips and get the body swinging to salsa, bachata, merengue, Cuban rueda and all the hottest Latin rhythms with a contagious beat. Merengue, bachata, cumbia, rumba, mambo, samba, bolero, cha-cha-cha and other Latin dances are best done as a couple, but if you’re single and want a partner, there’s no place like a Latin dance party to find one, especially on a Sunday night at Atrévete, where salsa lessons are offered before the moves heat up.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   dance club

name:   Atrévete
GPS:   36.606097,-4.508085
address:   Avda Salvador Allende, Torremolinos




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Torremolinos Nightlife in Atrévete

Cuban-style nightlife in Torremolinos with salsa lessons

Torremolinos nightlife activities, within the dance club scene, tend to deliver a similar flavor of music that includes pop, house, hip hop, DJ mixes, and a little alternative, which means Atrévete is one of the few places that offers Latin dancing and Cuban specials with beginner salsa lessons at the start of each sassy salsa evening.

Hours of Atrévete vs. Clubs in Torremolinos

Nightlife in Torremolinos, as in most of Spain, doesn’t get underway before eleven or twelve midnight, but Latin-dance lovers tend to get a head start on the usual clubbing crowd. That’s why Atrévete opens on Sunday, and other Latin dance nights between Thursday and Saturday, at 21:00, with salsa lessons starting at 21:30. The club closes sometime in the morning, but as they say in Spanish: “hasta que el cuerpo aguante” which means: until the body can take no more. Weather you’re a salsa expert, in-love with rhythm or enjoy the Latino ambiance, where activities revolve more around dancing than getting sloshed, a Sunday at Atrévete will be a pleasurable, perhaps romantic, experience for you and a partner.

Nightlife Torremolinos: Hawaii Fiesta to Free Mojitos

The weekend nightlife Torremolinos has to offer ranges from themed beach parties to nights of pub crawling and discothèque clubbing through the center of town, along the Paseo Marítimo, and La Nogalera. However, of the many clubs in Torremolinos, Atrévete, aside from being renowned for Latin dancing, is also one of the most versatile clubs in Torremolinos. This is due to having separate areas, called a SALA, which are salons, dance halls, lounges that are completely detached and allow for various events to ensue simultaneously. For example, while Veronia  Discotheque plays host to the Summer Hawaiian Fiesta, there are areas designated for Despedidas de Solteras - Hen Parties or Ladies Nights – with free bottles of vodka, Scotch, Gin or Rum.

With specials including Sunday salsa lessons, copas for €5 until 2AM, and a free Mojito welcome on certain nights, there are many reasons to make Atrévete and Veronia Disco main stops on your Torremolinos nightlife circuit.

Atrévete on the Torremolinos Map

On the map of Torremolinos you’ll see Calle Delfines, running along the waterfront from Calle de Goya until it converts into Playa de Carihuela. One block up from Delfines, and running parallel with it, is Avenida Salvador Allende. This area in the southeast district of Torremolinos, about 15 minutes from the center, but if you’re coming from the beach zone, you’ll notice Calle Nerja and Calle de Chile that go up from the seaside to Allende. Depending on the map of Torremolinos you’re using, you’ll notice restaurants, pubs and hotels marked mostly in the area just south of Calle Nerja, but the only landmark you need to worry about is the one you’ll see as you get to the intersection with Calle Pez Espada. That’s where you’ll see a white tower – Hotel Pez Espada. It has palms in front of a circular driveway, and across from that is a blue sign with neon lights: DISCO VERONIA. It’s a villa-style house with yellow, blue and terracotta stucco, with a small terrace and wicker furniture beside a brick entrance. Around the corner is a huge “Atrévete” sign over a commercial building, and another with neon above a white stucco wall that connects to the villa. It’s all part of a series of spaces: Atrévete, Veronia Disco, Milenium, Sala Báilame and a VIP lounge, which are at the heart of nightlife in Torremolinos.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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