Juicy Cocktail Nightlife in Puerto Banus

The eight meter masts and sails above the deck of a nineteenth century ship replica are unmistakable on the Puerto Banus waterfront at Muelle de Ribera. While the wood and forged iron reproduction has a swashbuckling air of high seas adventure and romance, the secret to Astral Cocktail Bar’s charm isn’t the architecture. Its best attributes aren’t apparent until you climb aboard, perch yourself atop a buccaneer’s stool, or get nestled into a cozy nook, browse the menu and notice that the ship’s galley doesn’t specialize in food. The kitchen is dedicated to creating the freshest, fruitiest, juiciest, sassiest, sumptuously delicious cocktail concoctions on the Costa del Sol.

country:   Spain
region:   Costa del Sol
category:   clubs
type:   bars & pubs

name:   Astral
web:   www.astralmarbella.es
GPS:   36.489455,-4.950038
address:   Muelle de Ribera, Puerto Banús




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Astral - Nightlife in Puerto Banus

One of the few bars in Puerto Banus with a gourmet cocktail kitchen

Astral is one of the many bars in Puerto Banus that promises the moon and stars to those looking for the best of the best on the Costa, but this place actually delivers. Fresh, sassy, sensuous flavours begin in Astral’s gourmet kitchen, which, of the many bars Puerto Banus has along the waterfront, is one that stands out for delivering more than expected. It’s about the quality of the cocktails, with or without alcohol, prepared from tropical fruits, many from the Mediterranean coasts – all fresh and made daily – seasoned with spices, herbs, honey, cream, syrup, caramel, mint and coconut, to mention a few of the “sweet” ingredients, added to shaved ice, sorbets, whipped fruit blends, frozen purees, and topped with diced or sliced decorative edibles. Astral delivers stimulating and engaging cocktails—as much works of art as culinary delights.

Morning Fruit & Marbella Puerto Banus Nightlife

Astral Bar says their cocktails are the crème de la crème of what Puerto Banus bars have to offer because their staff is up early selecting the fruit for their cocktails. They do so by “visiting the market”, making sure to “choose only the best quality and reject any fruit that’s not perfectly mature” because for evening cocktails to come out sumptuous, the raw ingredients must be found in daylight, gently squeezed and smelt for sweetness. Astral fruit buyers look for “colours, shine, texture…” and “carefully pack it and transport in a manner that takes into account the temperatures…” then the fruit is washed, dried and stored at “different temperatures depending on when it’s to be served.”

Kick Start Nightlife in Puerto Banus with …

Kick start nightlife in Puerto Banús with fresh fruity cocktails and the best Caribbean, Cuban and Spanish rums like Bacardi, Arehucas, Havana 3, and Captain Morgan, or a splash of coolness from Smirnoff or Eristoff Vodka. Astral Bar in Puerto Banus boasts the finest international alcohols and liqueurs that can transform fruit and ice into a smooth margarita with Mexican Tequila, convert shaved ice, sugar, lime and Brazilian cachaça into a caiprinha, or create Passion in a Glass using Passoã mango/passion fruit liqueur. Choose favorites such as Grenadine pomegranate syrup, lime cordial, Cointreau orange-flavoured liqueur, maraschino dry cherry, peach, banana or green melon liqueur – all great ways to kick start nightlife in Puerto Banus with freshness and a fruity zing. As with other bars in Marbella Puerto Banus, the Astral Cocktail Bar carries an assortment of beers, brandies, champagnes and wines that include Spanish Rioja, Ribero del Duero and others.

Astral Cocktail Bar lends itself to partying or romance because of where it’s situated –overlooking the Mediterranean, with Yachts on one side and some of the world’s most expensive designer shops on the other, but unlike some Marbella Puerto Banus nightlife hot spots that only serve drinks, Astral has theatrical spectacles and shows. Check with Astral regarding dates for theatrical performances, choreographed light shows, and musical / video presentations. Depending on where you sit, it’s possible to have a private romantic area on the deck, terrace or garden, or a space for a group / party. Get Astral to organize your event – wedding, birthday or corporate function – for up to 150 guests.

When Other Puerto Banus Bars are Closed

Unlike bars Puerto Banus has on the waterfront, many which are only open at night, Astral serves daytime cocktails & snacks starting from early afternoon and remaining open until the wee hours of the morning. Astral Cocktail Bar in Puerto Banus is an elegant place in one of the Costa del Sol’s most prestigious enclaves, ideal for enjoying afternoon cocktails on deck or in the garden terrace while other bars are still closed. Astral offers year-round outdoor temperature control. Although the ship’s deck is usually open to the fresh air and moonlight, it’s equipped with a covering system. However, when it’s uncovered during summer, Astral is comfy even on the hottest days because of the cooling system that consists of a fine spray of water vapour. The mist falls delicately so it doesn’t feel wet, just refreshing. In winter, it gets a bit windy and cool even on Spain’s Costa del Sol. When it feels too fresh to sit outside comfortably, Astral turns on the deck/terrace heat lamps so you can cozy up near a lamp and sip cocktails in Puerto Banús any time of the year.

Contributor:  Nena Argent

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