Best party places in the USA & Canada

The best places to party in the United States won’t come as much of a surprise with number 1 being the city that never sleeps. Nightlife in New York City offers some of the most diverse nightclubs, bars and lounges in the world as well as the biggest summer music festivals. Sambawalker offers a list of the best New York nightlife venues like Pacha NYC that’s brought Ibiza to Manhattan, as well as sky-high rooftop bars, vaudeville-style variety and comedy shows, jazz clubs and elite white glove cigar lounges, plus the hottest festivals for EDM. The list also provides an overview of Los Angeles nightlife, Las Vegas megaclubs, San Francisco clubbing venues & street festivals, as well as Miami South Beach parties, West Palm Beach SunFest celebrations, plus classic New Orleans festivals like Jazzfest & Mardi Gras.

Included in Sambawalker’s top places to party in North America are those in Canada – with the Montreal nightlife scene delivering Mutek Festival; Ontario festivals renowned for avant-garde EDM parties, the renowned Montreal jazz festival and five Toronto clubs making headlines within the gargantuan Guvernment complex, accommodating ten thousand partiers at once.

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