Best party places in Australia

The best party places in Australia are where the sun shines more than 320 days a year amidst Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef islands. One of them is Magnetic Island. It’s situated just a few minutes by catamaran from the north-eastern coastal city of Townsville.

What makes Magnetic Island a partier’s paradise? It’s not just the pristine parks, eucalypt forest, rainforest areas, wildlife – such as rock wallabies and koalas – the views of Mount Cook, or even the breathtaking coral reefs all around, but the secluded beaches and bays that make it an ideal site for a Magnetic Island full moon party. It’s one of the few party places in Australia where getting “shickered” needn’t involve a pub, a bar or a club, just a hideaway amidst the Great Barrier Reef islands on an area known as Nelly Bay.

It’s there, at Nelly Bay, where the ferry from Townsville arrives, and where about a thousand people reside, that one of the best parties takes place. Discover “Maggie’s” secret at a Magnetic Island full moon party in Queensland Australia. Do it “sustainably” by taking a bike and cycling the island’s trails by day, then celebrate under the glow of the moon at Base Magnetic Island hostel by night.

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