Best party places in Africa

Sambawalker takes you to the best party places in Africa including the continent’s largest club in the ancient Berber city of Marrakech Morocco – just 200 kilometers from the edge of the Sahara Desert (Ouarzazate). Find out how easy it is to cruise across the water from Spain and visit Morocco; then travel overland to Marrakech clubs. Discover the top party venues including one in a colossal Moorish-style edifice replete with thick sandstone walls, giant archways and palm-dappled courtyards, and another in a piano bar where Bogart could still ask Sam to “play it again”. Then journey across the continent to Cape Town SA for a jol like no other. Submerge yourself in trance culture, from underground psy party venues to trippy gatherings in nature. Find out what makes 60,000 revelers choose to celebrate Carnival far from Rio, and join over a thousand anarchistic bodies at the Side Show Club for “filth, carnage and mayhem”. Explore night life in South Africa that turns into day-life, and delve into places where psychedelic trance meets an Organik Gaian Dream.

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