Sambawalker Mobile Apps

What clubs or bars are near you right now? Find out with just a couple taps. We offer two apps for mobile devices (including phones and tablets), designed specifically for those seeking fun nightlife while on the go.

Access to the application

The mobile application is accessed in the same way as the main SAMBAWALKER website. Enter in a mobile web browser and be redirected automatically to the welcome page displaying two applications at: Of course you can enter the mobile address directly. Both applications can be viewed online; the addresses are the same and don’t depend on the device being used.

Links to the applications

  1. Welcome page –
  2. App: Nightlife Guide –
  3. App: Clubs Near Me –

More detailed information about these apps

  1. Nightlife Guide: sambawalker.comguide//apps/night-life-guide-app
  2. Clubs Near Me:

Application cost

SAMBAWALKER apps are free. No hidden costs. Enjoy!

App version

Current SAMBWALKER mobile apps are beta versions (as of October 2012). We appreciate feedback regarding app functionality. Please send comments by email.

Tech info

Our apps for mobile devices are web type apps, which means they’re accessible using any internet browser. There’s no need to download anything onto your device. Apps function on all platforms. Database changes are reflected in real time; no need of updating to a newer version. The apps are fast, easy to use, reach all audiences and work with all devices.

Viewing on mobile devices

Mobile users can view the desktop version of on their devices, though it’s not recommended. When entering into a mobile browser, it will automatically open to the mobile app version, however if selecting “Desktop site”, mobile devices will display the main website for 10 minutes, after which it will automatically revert to the mobile version.

Shortcut icons on mobiles

Use bookmarks to add an icon to any mobile. iPhones users will see icons automatically after adding a bookmark. Android users must follow 3 simple steps:
  1. Add the page to favorites
  2. Enter favorites and long press the icon of the page just added
  3. Choose “Add shortcut to home” from the dialog box
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