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Contributors handbook

Learn tips on keyword research, SEO techniques, article promotion and how to build a residual income with Samba Walker.
  1. Contributing writers wanted
  2. Getting started
  3. Article submission guidelines
  4. Earn money online
  5. SEO: search engine optimization
  6. Sample article
  7. Building backlinks
Entertainment, Leisure & Travel Writers Wanted
for Ongoing, Permanent Freelance Writing Jobs
We are accepting Article Submissions
Contribute 400 – 1200 word articles.
Each article should review ONE SPECIFIC place
We do not publish articles about general travel destinations, countries, cities or regions.
Articles must feature a specific venue.
  • write feature articles on places of your choice
  • become a regular contributor with photo & bio
  • be part of a group of international writers
  • build a residual income with advertising revenue

Benefits of becoming a writer with Samba Walker

  1. Pro platform
  2. Samba Walker offers writers a professional platform and freedom of expression.

  3. Focus on writing
  4. Designers and programmers handle technical aspects so writers can focus on writing.

  5. International writers
  6. Increase article exposure and benefit from the strength of a group of international writers.

  7. Photo & bio
  8. Submit 3 articles and be featured as a contributor with photo and bio.

  9. Byline + external link
  10. Every article includes an author byline. Writers may add one external link.

  11. Residual income
  12. Writers receive all advertising revenue generated by their own ads through Google AdSense or other advertising programs: Earn Money Online

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